Loan Scenarios add new options to structure your loan

We are very excited to write this post as this has been a long-awaited feature for our NexSpring users.

Loan Scenarios have been introduced into two key positions within the NexSpring platform: pricing and loan summary pages. On each page, you can see the feature activated within the Loan Taskbar. If you don’t see the taskbar at the top of the screen, you might need to tap show taskbar to pull it up.

Tap Add Scenario to create a new scenario. You’ll have the option to give it a name so that you can tell them apart from other scenarios. You’ll see your new scenario as a tab in your taskbar. Switch between your scenario and your main loan by tapping on the tabs.

Scenarios are currently only available on the pricing and loan summary pages, so the scenario section will not show elsewhere in the application. The scenarios will become available again as soon as you navigate back to one of the aforementioned pages.

Coming soon

We have big plans for Loan Scenarios over the next few months. Here are a few upgrades and additional features that are already on our radar for future updates. If you have any additional ideas or uses for loan scenarios, let us know!

  • Copy selections from a scenario loan to the main loan
  • Add loan scenarios to the loan detail page, or other pages
  • Create loan scenarios comparisons to highlight the differences between scenarios

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