Loan Document Editor – A new way to quickly edit your documents

Have you ever had a 60 page document with some pages scanned in out of order, some pages upside-down, and others just plain missing? We looked at the most common problems our loan officers and processors have when receiving documents from their borrowers and built a tool to handle each one of them!

Introducing: The Loan Document Editor

The Loan Document Editor is designed to be fast and simple – and this post will be too! Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Re-order pages by drag and drop – or by keyboard shortcuts
  2. View pages by using the left and right arrow keys
  3. Delete pages with the “delete” key
  4. Save or delete a selection by tapping Enter on multiple pages, then Save Selection at the bottom, or using the Delete key
  5. If you don’t have a keyboard – this page works great on tablets and iPads! On-screen buttons for each action become available for tablets

We hope you enjoy this new tool, and all the time it will save you editing documents for your loans!

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