Release 62 – Improving the loan experience

This past release was all about improving our existing features to make the NexSpring Origination Platform more friendly and easier to use. We looked at the key areas where our users spend most of their time, and re-invented them for simplicity and efficiency.

Loan Details Page

This page is the heart of the loan application containing every detail necessary for origination. See it in action here!

  • Form is larger on bigger screens and easier to read
  • Sections highlight as you scroll to tell each form apart
  • Section headers float at the top of each form as you scroll
  • Floating Navigation Menu allows you to quickly find sections of your loan and navigate between them easily

Loan Status Improvements

Changing loan statuses in the Status Taskbar has become even easier! We fixed a handful of bugs, and made three large improvements:

  • Error messages when moving to Registration Status have been completely rewritten! We have re-categorized many of our error messages, re-written them for clarity, and ensured that each Show Me link takes you to the correct place on the page
  • Status Overrides now require a message that will be commented onto the loan. This will improve communication across the loan team whenever an override is necessary
  • Auto-Fix Liabilities is now available alongside the Show Me links when moving a loan to the Registration Status. If a liability is missing some values such as an REO link, balance or payment, you can now automatically omit all of them with a single click

Other Features and Changes

  • Redesign date displays on dashboard loan summary cards
  • Show calculated CD Request Deadline Date on Date Tracking / Key Dates list
  • Default cloning options to include all borrowers
  • Filter skipped orders in slack warnings
  • Allow 3 decimal places on broker profit amount
  • Fix CLTV/HCLTV calculation in taskars
  • Improve non-borrowing user marital status questions
  • Hide earnest money warning on refinance loans
  • Fix borrower address question flow for borrower applications with multiple invited borrowers
  • Fix HOI monthly/annual conversion on primary refinance loans with invited borrowers
  • Show exact rate pricing even when filtered with min/max rate filters
  • Fix incorrect SSN preview on multi-app loans
  • Redesign borrower income form elements
  • Alphabetize/sort various dropdown entries
  • Various workflow improvements
  • Various 3.2 import/export improvements
  • General document template improvements

Coming Soon

Landing Pagesunique brandable lead campaigns driven by Google and Facebook Analytics and integrated with accurate online pricing

Landing Pages offer a highly customizable question flow that gathers pricing and customer information in any order for lead acquisition. The branding, text on the page, and even type of questions are all configurable to create the best possible experience for your target audience. This incredible feature set has immense capability, and we are taking the time to make sure this feature is equally easy-to-use as it is powerful.

Look for a post on landing pages soon as we make this available to all of our customers!

Docusign Integration: Send pre-built templates or custom documents to your clients for e-signature straight from the NexSpring Origination Platform.

Freddie-Mac Loan Product Advisor (LPA): We are nearing completion on our months-long integration with Freddie-Mac to provide a seamless AUS experience inside the NexSpring Origination Platform. This is one of our top requested features, and we expect to receive final approval from Freddie-Mac on this integration very soon!

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