Release 65

Hello everyone! It has been over a month since our last major release and a lot has happened inside the NexSpring LOS!

On March 1st, our team released a flight of changes to support the new 1003 application and 3.4 data export in line with the new industry standards. In the past 6 weeks, we have also released over 15 patches with incremental changes and bug fixes. We have focused a huge amount of our effort to ensure the NexSpring system continues well without bugs or errors getting in the way of your business.

Here are the latest fixes and changes that have been deployed as part of Release 65, or separately as patches since our last update:

  • New 1003 PDF format
  • New 3.4 data export
  • Input fields for dollar amounts, phone numbers, ssns, email addresses, and pins have changed. When entering any of these fields, you will notice a slightly different behavior than what you are used to.
  • Daily Rates page. Add public pricing information updated daily onto your website. You can select and change the pricing scenario at any time. The rates are updated in real time.
  • Purchase credits have been added for DOT
  • Improvements to our new broker onboarding flows
  • Support for .BMP image types with automatic conversion to .PDF
  • Document filter preferences are automatically remembered per individual user
  • Add manual pricing options to fully support ARM products
  • Credit pull credentials can be selected each time you pull credit. This allows a user to save multiple sets of credentials and choose which set to use for each loan. This can be useful if your processor or loan officer assistant needs to share the same credentials as one of your loan officers.
  • Document downloading with incorrect names have been fixed
  • New options for specifying broker profit within the pricing calculator are available.
  • 409 Errors on the borrower application have been fixed
  • Appraisal value can now be entered at anytime on the loan details page, even if appraisal is waived. This allows users to reset the appraised value used on the appraisal waiver.
  • Improved loading indicators and faster filters on the MCR reporting page.
  • Various validation fixes, loan form fixes
  • Fix sorting order with multiple closings at different times in dashboards
  • Remove validations for previous 1003 declaration questions. This should fix some problems of moving loans to the registration status

Big Upcoming Features

Docusign Integration

We expect to release our Docusign integration very soon to all of our brokers. We are test piloting this feature internally to make sure we can deliver a seamless experience for all of our brokers when we release this integration and we are very, very close to enabling this feature. We will let everyone know when the Docusign integration is widely available.

Customized Workflow

We will be opening up our workflow system for self-serve customizations for each broker! We have designed a drag-and-drop experience to view, edit, and create workflow templates on your own. Brokers will still be able to use our existing workflow system by default, but will soon have the option to customize or completely replace their workflow templates. More information to come soon on this new feature!

Loan Center

We are creating a new page called the Loan Center that summarizes the current state of a given loan all in one place. We are including loan status information, key date information, credit information, and more all in one place. The Loan Center will make it easy to quickly step into a loan and understand exactly where it stands in the origination process. There will be plenty more information to come as we complete designs for this page.

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