Loan Orders (Ordering Appraisals, Verification of Employment and more)

A huge part of the loan origination process is managing processes involving different parties outside of your team. We aim to simplify that process on the new Loan Orders Page. Here’s how Loan Orders can make your life simpler originating a loan.

Track all of your dates in 1 place

For each type of order, you can track the date that you ordered it and the date that you received it, and when the order is completed. All of your basic information is easy to enter and easy to access.

Organize your order information

Each type of loan order is unique and requires its own forms and input fields. We have customized each loan order form to hold every piece of data that you will need to complete your order. For example, theVerification of Employment Order has Verification Type, Salary Key, and Contact Information where the FHA Case Number Order just has the Case Number.

For anything that doesn’t fit nicely into an input field, we also have a notes section where you can type anything you need to pertaining to that loan order.

Upload your documents

Most loan orders end up with some sort of report that needs to be uploaded to the LOS. You can upload files directly to each loan order to keep everything organized. Any file that you have uploaded will be shown next to that Loan Order for easy access during the origination process. The files are also synchronized with the Loan Documents Page. Any file that you upload through Loan Orders will be accessible through Loan Documents.

Integrate with Workflow

For brokers with multiple processors, workflow is a must! Our Loan Orders system integrates tightly with our workflow. Any relevant workflow tasks are created automatically when you add a loan order, and they are shown underneath the loan order form when you click into it. You can even customize your workflow to build whatever processes you need for your business using our new Drag & Drop Workflow Editor. Talk to your account representative to learn more about customized workflow, or read more about Drag & Drop Workflow Editor here!

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