Release 66: Customized Workflow, Loan Center, Loan Orders, and Stability Improvements

In the past few months following the acquisition of NexSpring Financial by Black Knight Inc., we have been hard at work preparing the next evolution of the NexSpring platform. Read about Workflow, Loan Center, and Loan Orders below! We also spent a massive effort on smaller changes, improvements, and fixes with a focus on stability. See the change list at the bottom of the page for the Release 66 change summary.

Release 66 is scheduled to go live Tuesday May 11th, 2021


Workflow is now completely customizable for each broker. We have built an incredible drag & drop editor that allows each broker to update their workflow tasks, or create an entirely new custom workflow plan that suites their business. The process is entirely visual and integrates tightly with every feature of the NexSpring platform. Read more about the Workflow Manager here

Loan Center

The Loan Center is a new view of a loan application that summarizes the current activity on a loan. Loan statuses, key dates, and a new feature Loan Checkpoints are all right here.

Loan Orders

Track all of your loan orders in one place! We have built a new page that simplifies some of the headaches with ordering appraisals, verification of employments, payoffs, and many, many other items that are necessary for loan origination. Read all about the new Loan Orders Page here!

Stability Improvements

Stability improvements have been our biggest priority for this update. In total, we have completed a huge list of changes improving features throughout the NexSpring platform. Read below for a summary of those items. Some items may have been released individually since the last release if they were categorized as priority.

Change List

  • Workflow Manager (listed above)
  • Loan Center (listed above)
  • Loan Orders (listed above)
  • Loan Summary Page improvements
    • Only allow a single selection for items such as Loan Type and Amortization Years
    • Do not allow users to change pricing attributes after pricing is selected (resulting in an invalid selection)
    • Offer to reset pricing on the loan summary page if changes need to be saved
    • Add MI Calculator
    • Add missing commas or other formatting on some input fields
    • Add “per month” labels on all monthly input fields
  • Loan Application Page improvements
    • Allow close date to be entered on a Refinance
    • Allow estimated value to be entered directly on subject property form
    • Allow removing data from input fields after they are initially saved where applicable
    • Add warning when more than 10 REO properties are added
    • Automatically remove earnest money when switching from a Purchase to a Refinance loan
      • Applicable when cloning an old purchase application to create a refinance application
    • Remove required validation for Number of months since bankruptcy
  • Pricing improvements
    • Redesigned controls for multiple down payment sources inside the pricing page
    • Always show broker compensation values in the taskbar, even if using default compensation
    • Fix lender selection on pricing page when viewing a loan from an entity separate from the one you logged in with
      • Applies to processors who work with multiple brokers at the same time
  • Credit Pull improvements
    • Credit Report structure simplifications
      • If you create an application with a borrower and a coborrower, the system will pull joint credit
      • If you create two linked applications (a borrower on a single application, and another borrower on a separate application) the system will pull two individual reports
    • Remove required validation of borrower move in date
  • Fees Page improvements
    • Automatically update interim interest after updating the close date
    • Show the Revert Fees action when editing a fee
      • Only available for generated fees that have been manually updated
  • 1003/3.4 Improvements
    • Mark some asset types as deposited automatically
    • Fix housing and employment dates for Caliber Home Loans import
    • Fix marital status on Unmarried Addendum sheets
    • Remove attachment type for Land REO
    • Calculate Total Months Remaining for liabilities
    • Add warning when downloading a 3.4 without pricing selected
      • “Pricing is not selected and may cause issues in uploading to a lender’s site. Please select pricing to get the best 3.4 available.”
  • Loan Restructure
    • Renamed to Add/Remove Borrowers
    • Add a warning when removing a borrower permanently
  • Signup Site
    • Add Visible contract methods controls to show contract information in the footer
      • Phone, fax, email are allowed.
    • Add Delete Image button when uploading assets for themes
    • Use custom DNS when available for the View My Website button and when viewing LO landing page links on the Teams page
  • Loan Search Page improvements
    • Add filters for Test Loans / Production Loans
    • Remember the last used search when navigating back to the loan search page
  • Dashboard Page improvements
    • Add Checkpoints View
    • Allow sorting by registration date
  • General Changes
    • General text changes
    • Add Seller’s Attorney option to contact taskbar
    • Add additional help text to MCR Reporting Page
    • Improve general styling to Daily Rates Page
    • Fix Back to Templates link in the document generation manager
    • Pre-fill the case number when available in AUS page

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