Release 67: Minor changes and improvements

Release 67 is scheduled for 10:00ET Tuesday, June 8th 2021

Since announcing the acquisition of NexSpring Financial by Black Knight three months ago, the NexSpring team has been hard at work integrating our existing broker solution into the suite of available Black Knight mortgage products. We will post more about those new integrated solutions soon! In the meantime, we have a short list of improvements and small features that we were able to deliver as part of Release 67:

Bulk Document Downloading

Select multiple documents at once inside a loan application using the checkboxes next to the document name. When multiple documents are selected, a new button to Download All will appear allowing you to easily download a single .ZIP folder with all of your selected documents inside of it.

Small Changes or Improvements

  • Loan Summary page employment totals now add correctly for a mix of military and non-military income
  • Daily Rates page styles improvements
  • Contact book now correctly isolates contacts between brokers
  • Overdue loan orders now show correctly in the daily slack alerts
  • Some forms on the Loan Application page were redesigned so that the Delete button does not cover up the date fields
  • Fix issue displaying routing numbers beginning with a 0
  • Fix issue scrolling within 1003 PDF preview on the Loan Application page
  • Fix issue editing liability balance on loan application page
  • Allow all loan officers to override status validations
  • Fix workflow automation to assign Loan Officer Assistants when a Loan Officer is assigned

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